You Should Write a Blog!

pexels-photo-459688.jpegPeople always tell me I should write a blog. Whether it is a story around the lunchroom table, or on facebook; people seem to like my stories.

“You have the funniest things happen to you!”

“You crack me up! You should be a comedian!”

I am not sure that I have a more eventful life than the next person. In fact, my life is pretty humble. Humble in resources, social standing; events… Maybe it is just that I tell my stories? Maybe I just have a big mouth? Maybe I lack boundaries?

Either way, for as long as I have lived, I have loved the craft of story telling. From a young age I can remember listening in rapture to elders in my family tell me stories. The same stories that bored other youth filled me with interest. I wrote poetry and waxed philosophical about life. At 10 I sent manuscripts to editors from magazines and those that published my favourite books. To their credit, the Publishers and Editors that I sent my literature to, were very kind. They very gently let me down and encouraged me to keep reading.

By the time that I had finished year 12 and went to university, all of the creativity had nearly been moulded out of me. So too, had the desire to write. Writing and reading were merely tools and there was no time for creativity. Working in the Community Services industry I recently had a supervisor admonish me for being too creative in my case notes. This amused me as I have been promising myself that I will get back into creative writing for the last two years.

This blog is a new years resolution two years running. One where I have promised myself that I will invest this year in some tasks that I would usually view as frivolous. I am trying to reframe this and many other frivolous activities as necessities rather than luxuries. They make me so happy. And what is the point of it all, if I am not happy?

I have no idea what this blog will be? A collection of ideas…. a diary…… humorous and wry? Dark and Unsettling? Poetry? Maybe a little bit of everything, which would be an accurate reflection of my life. I guess the important promise that I have made to myself is that I will not write this for anyone else except me. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in anything, except being me.


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